Magic is the best word to describe KORHANI’s exhibition at this year’s World MasterCard Fashion Week. Easily one of the most anticipated Collections of the Season, KORHANI is a favourite because of their unique and whimsical use of their Home Collection fabric – that is, carpets!

Creating a journey through 4 different energies, moods, and aesthetics, and perhaps even eras; KORHANI this let us travel with them from the dark, gothica depths of fantastic, glittering violets rugs, dotted with raven embellishments, Frankenstein hair, and witchery; to the revolution of Pop Art in blocked, 60’s forms and unique, portraiture motifs! Yes, this was a fun show, a true performance! We absolutely loved the graphical elements of KORHANI’s new Collection of carpets – from the orthogonals and shapes of the Art-Deco era to the Neoteric glam of a 60’s Tokyo.

KORHANI delivered one of the most magical shows of Fashion Week as a whole.



Photos: GEORGE PIMENTEL | www.wireimage.com